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Let’s hypothetically assume you are a New Mexico lawyer whose client, Maya, has a string of hair salons in several cities on the I-40 corridor in New Mexico and Arizona. Maya has recently called to ask you to represent her in a lawsuit regarding her Winslow, Arizona salon. You aren’t licensed to practice law in Arizona.

What would be the process to be able to do so?

Arizona State Court Rules

If the lawsuit will be filed in Arizona state court, Arizona Supreme Court Rule 39, Pro Hac Vice, governs this matter. Pro hac vice means “for this occasion,” and it serves to prevent the unauthorized practice of law by an attorney who is not licensed to practice in that particular state. 

Arizona Supreme Court Rule 39 provides that an attorney who is not a member of the State Bar of Arizona, but is currently a member in good standing of the bar of another state or non-U.S. jurisdiction and is eligible to practice before the highest court in any state, territory or insular possession of the United States or foreign jurisdiction, may appear as counsel pro hac vice in any case before any state or local court board or administrative agency in the State of Arizona by filing an application. 

A Pro Hac Vice applicant must file:

– An original verified application 

– An original certificate of good standing from each jurisdiction where the applicant has been admitted to practice law

– A motion to associate local counsel

– A proposed order

– An Arizona sponsoring attorney

– A check in the amount of $505

Arizona Federal Court

Any member in good standing of the Bar of any federal court who neither resides nor maintains an office for the practice of law in the District of Arizona may be admitted to practice pro hac vice. To do so, the attorney must submit: an application to appear pro hac vice, with an electronic signature; a certificate of Good Standing from each jurisdiction where the applicant has been admitted to practice law, and a filing fee of $100. 

LRCiv 83.1(b)(2).

If you have never been admitted pro hac vice to federal court in Arizona, and are not a registered user of the court’s Electronic Case Filing system, you must first email the above-referenced documents to the court. If your paperwork is sufficient, you will be given instructions on becoming a registered user of the court’s Electronic Case Filing system to file your application.

Unlike with a pro hac vice application to Arizona state court, no affiliation with local Arizona counsel is necessary in the Arizona federal court system.

How Local Counsel Can Help You

For you to give Maya the very best representation, you need to understand both the seemingly superficial aspects of the particular courtroom you will be in, as well as the more substantive aspects. 

Astute lawyers know that each locality has its own courtroom nuances in terms of behavior, demeanor, and dress. And that local rules vary in minor or significant ways from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Finally, judges are each unique individuals with preferences in terms of how a case is presented before them.

These are not superficial matters. They all are impactful on how your case will play out. Affiliation with knowledgeable local counsel such as Copper Canyon Law is the most effective way to improve your chances of courtroom success. 

When more substantive assistance is needed, our local team can be your back office, providing local appearances, paralegal support, research, oral argument, and discovery assistance. 

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