Building a Unified Culture: The Role of Employment Toolkits

Culture is something that you don’t see… you feel. However, the documents we use send a message to employees about the culture of your business and the expectations of every person there. Each document, from the offer letter, new hire packet, and employment agreement (with restrictive covenants), to the employee handbook, disciplinary forms, and separation letters, presents an opportunity to establish your culture. For example, if your culture is outdoorsy, you can call your employee handbook a “trail guide,” while others with a more competitive mindset may call their employee handbooks their team’s “playbook.”

Failing to set written expectations leaves a gap in culture and leaves a business exposed to conflict if an employee transitions (such as taking clients, taking an unearned bonus, claiming ownership over intellectual property, making false accusations about the workplace, etc.).

To fill these gaps, it’s vital that you have an employment toolkit that instills your culture. A toolkit that instills your culture includes an offer letter, a new hire packet, an employment agreement (or simply restrictive covenants), an employee handbook, and other appropriate agreements (such as commission agreements, work vehicle policies, paycheck deduction consent, etc.). Because your business is unique, your employment toolkit should be as well. You will undoubtedly encounter situations where you need critical and prompt legal advice regarding an employee. When this happens, our Counxel On-Call membership is the answer.

Counxel On-Call offers you a dedicated ally to provide you with legal advice, clock-free, for these challenges. While your essence shines in every employment tool, having a responsive legal team by your side is invaluable. Fortify your company’s future and empower its culture with Counxel On-Call.

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