Capitalizing on Business Conversations: Protecting your Assets and Interest

Most business leaders know, with the right vision or idea, the sea of opportunity can be endless. Engaging in conversations with others about these opportunities can be harmless, but oftentimes these conversations dive into unique thoughts, strategies, delivery mechanisms, intellectual property, etc. In addition, you have to understand that when engaging in discussions surrounding opportunities, people are usually engaging in some level of sales, which means that the concepts may be vague or undefined. Making sure that your unique offering is protected while also setting out the scope of the exact opportunity is critical to protecting your business against unnecessary exposures.

After a basic preliminary discussion, most discussions surrounding business opportunities should be first prefaced with a simple non-disclosure agreement. Any commitment-related discussions surrounding the proposal should come with a letter of intent or a basic contract. These two items alone can resolve nearly all problems that people face when evaluating business opportunities. Without these, people spend unnecessary time and money chasing ideas that, at best, will never come about, and at worst, can hurt them because of the information they shared. In addition, it has been invaluable for clients to call us and get our opinion on opportunities and/or to see what questions they should be asking of the other side. Counxel is here to help you make sure you protect your business while exploring opportunities that can bring you even greater success.

Counxel’s On-Call program provides a convenient solution to safeguard your business while navigating potential opportunities. With our range of packages tailored to your business needs, we ensure legal service predictability and cost-effectiveness, freeing you to focus on seizing those business chances with confidence. 

Our dedicated advisors are committed to understanding your business intricacies and advising you on the right questions to ask, ensuring your interests are protected. By offering a flexible and trusted service, Counxel On-Call is the strategic partner you need when it comes to assessing business opportunities. Ready to explore a future where your legal needs are secure? Schedule a Discovery Call or explore our options, and embrace the Counxel On-Call solution today.

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