Co-Counsel for Lawyers: Getting the Help You Need!

Handling litigation on your own can be difficult. Especially if you do not handle litigation often or are new to doing it. It can lead to many sleepless nights wondering if you are doing things right. Not only do you need the time and resources to handle litigation correctly, but you also must have the experience and knowledge to do it effectively for your client.

The best way to do that for your client is by seeking out a positive co-counsel relationship. If you are looking for co-counsel help, then contact us at 480-536-6122 or by email at   

It is important to find the right fit for potential co-counsel relationships. Here is why we can help you.

1. We help you comply with the Ethical Rule 1.1.

Ethical Rule 1.1 requires attorneys to provide “competent representation to a client” which “requires knowledge, skill, thoroughness, and preparation reasonably necessary for the representation.” In other words, the rules require that you know what you are doing when representing a client and that you have the capacity to handle the legal matter. This refers to not only knowing the law but also knowing the rules of civil procedure. 

Because law school teaches very few practical skills, the only to learn how to litigate is through assistance from experienced legal counsel and staff. There really is no substitute. 

2. We act as local counsel.

If you are out of state and need help either getting admitted under pro hac vice or just want us to act as local counsel, we can do it. We have assisted many lawyers who would like us to act as local counsel. 

3. We won’t steal your client.

Many lawyers are afraid to seek out co-counsel on a matter because they feel they might lose their client to the new counsel. That won’t happen here. We make sure that clients are directed to you for additional work/legal issues that may arise unless you direct us otherwise. 

4. We will make you look good to your client.

Nothing makes a lawyer look better to a client than the lawyer handling a matter correctly. This often includes the lawyer being able to pull in additional resources for a client when they are needed. While many lawyers feel like bringing in co-counsel is an admission of failure, it is the exact opposite. By bringing in co-counsel you build trust with your client because they know you are looking out for their best interest. It also frees you up to do the thing you do well for that client. 

5. We can work under several different co-counsel arrangements.

We have assisted lawyers under various types of co-counsel arrangements: 

  • Full-Transfer (Most Common): This is where you want our team to take on the primary litigator role and you continue being a resource for the client on their other legal needs.  
  • Second Chair: This is where you and our team act in tandem as first chair/second chair and we move forward together through the litigation. 
  • Shadow: This is where our team stays behind the scenes of the litigation, but acts as a resource for you to handle the litigation on your own.
  • Critical Points: This is where our team is brought on to handle specific items in a matter such as the deposition of a key individual, a mediation, a motion for summary judgment, or trial.  

6. We pay referral fees.

When appropriate and allowed by the rules, then we pay a referral fee of 10% for any collected billable hours for matters referred on a “Full-Transfer” basis.  

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We are here to simplify your legal experience. Do not wait to get Co-Counsel help! Contact us at (480) 744-6621 or at Don’t forget to check out the good things that others are saying about the services they received from Timothy Coons on Google.

This article is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice for your specific situation. Use of and access to this article does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Counxel Legal Firm. Please contact or (480) 744-6621 to request specific information for your situation.

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