Running a business requires paying attention to a lot of things. The less pressing items often get lost in the mix until they become a catastrophic issue that requires immediate attention. Legal compliance is one of those things, but it does not have to be.

In one hour, our team can run a preliminary legal compliance check on your business. This not only can help give you peace of mind, but it will also give you direction on what can be done to make your business even better than it is today! If you would like to set up a legal compliance check, then give the Counxel Legal Firm team a call at 480-536-6122 or email us at  

Why Should I Get a Legal Compliance Check? 

A legal compliance check is similar to a regular health exam for your body or an oil change for your car. It allows for preventative and less expensive remedies than what end up happening if the issues go unchecked.  

An example of a business that could have benefitted from a legal compliance check is one that we recently helped through a lawsuit. They had innocently misclassified an employee as exempt from overtime when in fact they were non-exempt. This resulted in an expensive lawsuit where the employer paid not only our legal fees but also the other side’s legal fees and double the amount of the unpaid overtime wage. A simple course correction during a legal compliance check would have fixed that issue.   

Another example of a business that could have benefitted from a legal compliance check is one where there were two partners, but no partnership agreement. The partners ended up disagreeing on how the money should be spent, and instead of relying on the terms of a simple partnership agreement to resolve the dispute, both sides dug in their heels and fought. This resulted in both large legal fees and the loss of the business for both partners as the business ultimately failed due to the fighting.  

Our hope is to not add you to the list of examples here.  

What Types of Things are Reviewed in a Legal Compliance Check?  

As a general overview, here are the areas that we will look at when doing a legal compliance check:  

  1. Entity Structure and Organizing Documents 
  2. Employee and Labor Relations 
  3. Contracts 
  4. Tax and Regulatory Matters 
  5. Insurance 
  6. Pending Liabilities 
  7. Intellectual Property  
  8. Software and Technology 
  9. Properties and Other Assets 

These areas will be further broken down during the legal compliance check. 

Aren’t You Just Going to Tell Me That I Need to Get Everything Done?  

We live by our slogan Legal Counsel Simplified. What that means is that while we legally must provide you the information necessary for legal compliance, when you ask us “what would you do if you were in my shoes”, we answer as your legal counselor, not as the unbending law. Each client has a different set of circumstances and range of legal compliance issues. Going back to the regular health exam analogy, some legal compliance issues for a business are like the business having heart failure which requires immediate correction, and some are like the business just being a little overweight which may require some or no correction. Not everything requires attention.  

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