Setting up a business can be exciting and confusing at the same time. It usually starts with a great idea and a lot of passion. Then, you can get stuck dealing with the things you are not very excited about, such as figuring out how to set up an LLC correctly, making sure you have the appropriate state, county, or city licenses, deciding how and when you should pay taxes, and putting together business contracts.

Based on my experience in these situations, people usually act in one of two ways: 1) They get the legal issues squared away and focus on building a successful company, or 2) They ignore the legal issues and hope they never catch up to them. 

We can help you choose the right way!  

Option #1: Doing Things Right – The Happy Endings

Most people avoid attorneys because they like to talk about themselves and cost so much. Our firm is the complete opposite. We actually listen to you more than we talk (imagine that), and we have fixed pricing for our business start-up packages and business contracts. When we help businesses get set up the right way, then our clients do not worry about random Department of Labor audits or what happens if their vendor doesn’t pay them. This is because they know they are doing things right.   

Options #2: Doing Things Wrong – The Horror Stories 

On the opposite side of the coin are people who just ignore the legal issues and hope they never catch up to them. Unfortunately, legal issues always catch up. For example, we recently helped an individual who didn’t set up their legal entity right, so when they were sued for causing damage to a property, they were personally responsible for paying $50,000 to the other party (from their personal savings account). In the instance of an individual not having properly classified its employees and, instead, treating them as independent contractors, they were audited by the Department of Labor and fined $27,000. We negotiated it down from $93,000, but that’s still a lot of money. 

Without setting up a business right, people end up fighting with their business partners, getting in trouble with state and federal taxing authorities, and dealing with the constant fear that what they don’t know will sneak up behind them.  

Our Process: It’s Simple

So, how do you avoid becoming another horror story? It is simple. First, reach out to our office to tell us the exciting news that you are starting a company (or that you need to set up a company for an existing business that you run)! Second, let us celebrate with you in this big step and help you figure out what type of help you need. Third, choose from one of our fixed-price options (or choose another option if you would like). Four, let us help you begin your business knowing that it is set up correctly.

Contact Counxel Legal Firm

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