If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” This proverb applies more to business partners than anything else in business. Who you choose to partner with shapes the future of your business, your access to funding, your network of influence, and ultimately, your company’s identity and culture. While the start of a business partnership is always full of hopes, things can fizzle quickly unless there is a clearly defined common goal and commitment to how that goal will be reached. The first and most important place to capture this common goal is in a “partnership agreement” (LLCs call these operating agreements, while corporations call these bylaws). Agreements to determine how the company will handle profits and losses amongst the members, what the company will do if it wishes to include another member, what happens if one member stops pushing forward in the best interest of the company, etc., are all things that can be handled in advance instead of when conflict arises.


While many lawyers overcomplicate partnership agreements, Counxel is here to specifically tailor your partnership agreement to your business and to conduct the required annual review to ensure that your business remains an ongoing success.


Don’t let uncertainties in business partnerships impede your journey to success. Discover more and collaborate with Counxel On-Call today – we’ll handle the intricacies of your partnership agreements, allowing you to concentrate on fostering your business relationships and nurturing your company’s growth.