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After thousands of hours with 100's of small business owners, THESE are the KEY areas that matter the most to your business protection and success!

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Watch real-world success stories of how we’ve helped businesses answer and solve current their legal questions. 

Contract, Review & Drafting​

Comprehensive contract handling facilitates your avoidance of bad contracts.

Industry Compliance

Maintain industry compliance with scheduled check-ins, planning sessions, & document renewals 

Litigation Support

Proactive legal advisors, facilitating swift responses to litigation threats, within a predictable cost structure.

Partnership Structuring

Strategize and create plans for business structuring and growth.

See Why Our Clients Love Counxel On-Call

Tyler PaceOwner of Atlas Medical
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We regularly need contracts reviewed/prepared and help getting answers to legal compliance questions as we continue to grow. While I know my way around contracts (and finding them online) as well as legal compliance issues, having Counxel set up to review my contracts to fix the 5% of a contract that could harm my business and to get the direct answers to legal compliance issues has been invaluable. Their regular advice and direction have saved me exponentially more than it cost.
Damon Breinholt and Devan Anderson Breinholt Anderson Insurance Consultants
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When we run into an employee issue or contract question that needs attention, we love having Counxel on speed dial to answer questions. Before we used to stress about what we could and could not do which took away from our focus on growing the business. Now when we have a legal issue, we have Counxel On-Call and we can move forward. It’s that simple.
Chase SeveyOwner of The Valley Events
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Counxel has been critical in helping me set up my business partnership structures and making sure we are compliant with regulations and employment rules. Cost is something I think about when I think about attorneys, but with Counxel my legal costs are predictable, and I only think about the incredible value I get each time we interact.
Zach MarkhamEntrepreneur and Multiple Business Owner
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Counxel is my on-call legal team. They have helped me with setting up LLC’s, reviewing/negotiating commercial leases, saving me hundreds of thousands on a construction project, helping sell a sizeable company, etc. I am a hands-on business owner and do a lot of research and work before I ever call Counxel. Because of that, I love that when we talk, they talk with me, not at me and we figure out the best options for me/my business.
Devin Butler Owner of Arizona Entrepreneurs
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Leader of Arizona Entrepreneurs, I see the critical need for businesses to have legal counsel, but owners fear the cost. Counxel's personalized monthly legal plans are amazing for businesses. I personally experienced the difference when considering a partnership. In a 15-minute call with Counxel, I got the information I needed for partnership structure, compliance, and avoiding mistakes. Counxel On-Call pays for itself and more.
Bryce BunkerOwner at Bunker Family Funeral Homes
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Our on-call relationship with Counxel has been so valuable! While we have used Counxel for our business law needs (employment, commercial real estate, partnership agreements, etc.) over the past several years, I will never forget watching one instance where Counxel assisted us with regulatory compliance items and how skillfully they used their knowledge of the law to strengthen and protect our business. I know that having a strong legal relationship with Counxel is one of the keys to our success.
Evan and MorganOwners of Ned’s Krazy Subs
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We had an unexpected issue come up where a point-of-sale vendor was causing issues with customers. With customers calling upset daily, I reached out to the POS vendor and they did nothing for a week. Within 18 hours of getting Counxel involved and them threatening to take legal action, the POS vendor admitted their fault in writing and reimbursed our customers and us for unwarranted fees. It was incredibly stressful to go through and the only thing that made it doable was having Counxel ready to jump in and fight for us.

Tailored Solutions for Every Stage of Your Business

Counxel On-Call Packages: Your Path to Legal Confidence

As a business owner, you understand the importance of tailored solutions. That’s why we offer three distinct packages to match your business’s unique needs:

Most Popular

Small Business


(Over $950 in monthly value)

Limited spots available!

Perfect for startups, this package offers:

Growing Business Package


(Over $2000 in monthly value)

Limited spots available!

Designed for scaling businesses, this package offers:

Robust Business Package


(Over $5750 in monthly value)

Limited spots available!

For businesses seeking in-house counsel at a fraction of the cost:

Exclusive Benefits for On-Call Members

At Counxel On-Call, we go the extra mile to ensure you’re equipped for success:

Priority Access to Attorneys

Priority Access to Attorneys

Direct access to our team of trusted attorneys.

Annual Business Practices Inspection

Annual Business Practices Inspection

50-point inspection to keep your practices sharp.

Inner-Circle Network

Inner-Circle Network

Connect with local business services for a well-rounded support system.

Your Legal Confidence Starts Here

At Counxel, we’re more than just attorneys. We foster relationships with clients and provide counsel, because law alone doesn’t solve problems. Strategy and a tailored approach to the application of law are critical in reaching successful solutions.

The law can be complex, but your relationship with your attorney doesn’t have to be. With Counxel, you can expect direct answers, frequent communication, and absolutely no surprises. Call us, and experience the Counxel difference

Ready to step into a world where legal worries are a thing of the past? Fill out the form on this page to join Counxel On-Call and pave the way for your business’s growth and success.

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