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Remove the CLOCK from your legal fees & save thousands with high priority legal advice, so you can set your BUDGET on success!

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We have all been there…watching the clock tick by while seeking advice from our business attorney, feeling our legal bill grow by the second. Not anymore!

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A Foundation For Your Business To Thrive

As a business owner, the possibility of legal issues can leave you feeling exposed, with everything you’ve worked for at risk. Adding to your worry is the threat of escalating legal costs as traditional law firms typically charge by the hour, leading to unpredictable and often exorbitant bills.

Navigating the legal needs of your business requires a reliable trusted advisor, one that also protects your bottom line while guiding you through the legal landscape. That’s where Counxel On-Call comes in, and our tiered legal packages are tailored to the stage and needs of your business.

Our Key Benefits

After thousands of hours with 100’s of small business owners, these are the key areas that matter most to your businesses protection and success!

Contract Drafting & Review

15 minute per business day (over $1,500 monthly value)

Legal Compliance

One free business contract or lease review annually (over $2,500 value)

Litigation Defense & Support

Priority response giving you peace of mind (Priceless)

Partnership Structuring

Priority response giving you peace of mind (Priceless)

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Compared to other services in the industry, we take it to a whole new level! See below.

Important Considerations when Choosing a Legal Service Plan

Counxel On-Call Legal Services

Legal Zoom/Rocket Lawyer Products

Services provided

Provides you with legal services custom fit for your business needs not just selling you a product

Sells you a bunch of legal products and leaving you feeling unsure of what you need

Attorneys that know you

Ensures you are handled by experienced attorneys who are interested in and know your business

Uses random (and perhaps unexperienced) attorneys to assist you if you have questions outside of the products they offer

Looks at the success of your business

Reviews each request you make with your overall best interests in mind

Will have a random attorney review the product that you have purchased from them, without knowing or caring  about your business as a whole

Can provide you legal and business advice

You can rely on the legal and business advice we give you.

Has a disclaimer on their website that expressly says they are not a law firm and that they cannot provide you with legal advice

Can give you peace of mind

Our primary goal is to provide you gives you peace of mind so you can set your focus back to the success of your business

Primary business model is to sell you more products and cannot give direct legal advice (aka no peace of mind)

Responds to text messages

Will respond promptly to your texts

Doesn’t provide legal services directly so they have no ability to have attorneys respond to your texts

Provides additional legal contracts for your business

Can provide customized legal business and employment contracts

Can provide templated legal business and employment contracts without legal advice

Is tax deductible for businesses

Is eligible to be tax deductible because it is a legal service

It is not tax deductible because it is not a legal service

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Counxel On-Call Members receive additional discounted rates, and legal benefits exclusive to the Counxel On-Call program.

Case Research

Document Review

Contract Drafting

Demands & Litigation

10% off hourly rates

15% off flat rate fees

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