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Andrew Morrow

Legal Counsel, New Mexico and Utah


Bachelor of Arts: Arizona State University
Juris Doctorate: Arizona Summit Law School

Areas of Focus

  • Contract Law: Contract Review and Drafting
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  • Commercial Litigation: Demands and Litigation
  • %
  • Business Litigation: Demands and Litigation
  • %
  • Civil Litigation
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  • Employment Law
  • %
  • Administrative Actions
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    Meet Andrew Morrow, a trusted advisor at Counxel. With a focus on contract disputes, employment disagreements, and administrative actions, Andrew’s forte lies in understanding and aligning with his clients’ goals to secure favorable outcomes. A masterful strategist, Andrew excels in navigating the nuances of the law to protect his clients, as he demonstrated when he expertly dismantled an extensive harassment case, ensuring not only safety but also legal advantage for his client. Handling business for Counxel’s New Mexico clients, Andrew is a testament to Counxel’s commitment to integrity, consistency, and empowering relationships. His approachable nature and exceptional problem-solving skills make him a dependable ally in the legal world.

    To provide superior service in all areas of expertise.
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