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Carolyn Button


Areas of Focus

  • Employment Law
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  • Contract Disputes
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  • Commercial Litigation
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    Meet Carolyn Button, a perceptive and empathetic Senior Paralegal at Counxel who excels in business and partnership disputes, commercial litigation, and employment law matters. With a forward-thinking approach, Carolyn challenges the “traditional” law firm model by focusing on client-centered counsel, ensuring she always has their best interests in mind. Recognizing that legal issues can be daunting, Carolyn works closely with clients to foster trust and understanding, leaving them feeling as though they have a friend by their side. Committed to finding effective solutions through open communication, Carolyn embodies Counxel’s core values of authenticity, integrity, and trust, ultimately transforming the legal experience for her clients.

    Building trust with each client so they can feel a sense of comfort and understanding during the legal process
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