Karizma Zackery

Customer Relations

I’m a music enthusiast who attended Grand Canyon University, diving into the world of music education. In the meantime, I honed my teamwork and coordination skills as a proud member of The Thundering Heard Pep Band. Now, as an intake specialist at Counxel, those experiences have come in handy in navigating the diverse needs of our clients with a harmonious touch. 

My strength lies in creating a welcoming atmosphere for clients, making them feel heard and supported. Utilizing my people skills, I ensure a smooth appointment-setting process, prioritizing a friendly and approachable demeanor that sets a positive tone for our clients’ interactions with our attorneys. 

I find immense joy in assisting our law firm’s clients as an intake specialist, combining my passion for connecting with people and my commitment to providing excellent service. Being the first point of contact, I take pride in ensuring our clients feel valued and supported, fostering a positive experience that sets the stage for successful collaboration with our legal team. 

In my downtime, you’ll often find me immersed in the captivating worlds of contemporary romance and fantasy books, enjoying the best of both genres. When I’m not lost in the pages, I cherish moments with my family, my partner Conor, and my charming and slightly obese cat, Coconut, creating a blend of literary escape and real-world joy.

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