Effectively communicating with clients about what goods/services you offer, the price, and the unique value your team provides is essential for a successful business. The most common issue clients raise with a business is unmet expectations (whether real or alleged). The biggest legal issue occurs when there isn’t a proper contract in place to protect the business. Sometimes there is no contract at all. Other times, the contract fails to protect the most important aspects of the business/customer relationship. For example, our team recently saw a contract that failed to include what would happen if the customer decided to back out midway through the service being performed. What ultimately results from this is a long, agonizing fight that drains team energy and resources and usually results in a negative online review.

Shockingly, many business leaders spend as much time preparing a customer contract for their business as they do making lunch. The problem with this is that while even a good lunch will cost less than $25, the wrong language in a customer contract can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars. Having a customer contract prepared or having your contract reviewed and prepared by legal counsel who knows your business, your objectives, and your future goals is critical to the success of a business. While Counxel doesn’t offer a hot lunch (yet), we do help people nail down their customer contracts. In addition, if an issue with a customer does arise, jumping on a 15-minute call with our trusted team provides a solution that will give you peace of mind.

To address these challenges, consider leveraging Counxel On Call’s program, offering tailored legal solutions that align with your company’s specific needs, values, and culture. Experience the Counxel difference and join our Counxel On-Call membership where you can have all of the above solutions at your fingertips, without the stress of paying by the minute!  Contact us today!