We have represented hundreds of businesses in Arizona.  From that experience­ we have compiled a list of the top five requests for legal help made by Arizona businesses. Here’s what they are (and why you probably need help too!).

1)     Contract Review – We have all had that feeling when we sign a contract and hope it does not come back to bite us. Whether it’s a commercial lease, personal guarantee, or a vendor contract that seems one-sided, contracts create a source of stress for business owners. Although you may be able to understand and feel comfortable signing  90% of them without advisory, there’s always that 10% that creates discomfort.  Having them reviewed could save you an incredible amount of time and money.

2)     Employee Issues – Having an employee raise a concern (whether real or contrived to protect their job) causes significant stress.  Evaluating what steps you can or cannot take is difficult, especially when considering that multiple federal, state, and local laws could be at stake.  Feeling confident, rather than trapped, in how to move forward is the key to these issues.

3)     Business Idea Analysis – Nothing is worse than spending significant time and resources developing a business idea, only to find out it is not legally viable. Evaluating those ideas (compensation structures, additional service lines, etc.)  is key to determining where to spend your time and resources for the best return.

4)     Business Structuring – Business structures are complicated. When analyzing the best ways to structure a business, bring on business partners, or create an opportunity for expansion, there are a lot of considerations to take into account. If you don’t, things can go south quickly. Having a resource that can answer questions, outline common issues, resolutions, and strategies, and remind the parties of their long-term goals, can be critical to success.

5)     Threats of Litigation – Getting threatened with litigation makes a business owner’s heart skip a beat. In those situations, getting prompt advice, direction, and strategy, leads to peace of mind.  Without that reassurance, your mind is left to consider the worst outcomes or experience them firsthand.

Don’t try to handle these requests on your own, call Counxel Legal Firm for help!  Our experienced team knows how to handle these issues. Allow us to alleviate this stress so you can stay focused on the success of your business.

For as low as $99 per month, you can be a part of Counxel’s On-Call program. A program that provides you with priority legal advice in a tailored package that ensures predictability of costs through proactive legal services, contract reviews, and strategic advice sessions. This leaves you free to focus on what truly matters – successfully operating and expanding your business.

Some business leaders facing these issues tend to be reluctant to call an attorney. We have all been there … nervously watching each minute of the clock tick by while talking to your attorney because you know you’re being charged by the minute!  Not anymore!

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