The Two Great Commandments For Your Business

Scroll Commandments For Your Business

Running a business is thrilling (and sometimes exhausting). When you start a business, you have clarity about what you want to offer to people and how your business will run. As the business continues to grow, that clarity gets clouded when you are tasked with running day-to-day business operations.

Take me for example. I broke off and started my own Arizona legal team in 2019 because I was passionate about people, about providing counsel, and about creating growth opportunities for the individuals around me. Growing from just myself to over fifteen people in that time, and increasing my revenue by ten times, has created a lot of other things that I needed to focus on for the business. In doing so, I have had to periodically recalibrate myself to refocus on the most important things in my business. Because my team talks to business owners every day, I know it is not uncommon for business owners to go through similar issues.

Because of that, I have had to create a good reference point for myself when I need to recalibrate my focus. With that, I have relied on the biblical principle of the two great commandments. When thinking about what the two great commandments are for my business, I have decided they are as follows:

1. Love my people


2. Love the processes

When seeking input from others on their two great commandments in business, some of their comments were as follows: 1) Love your financial data, and 2) Love your craft; 1) Love your service, and 2) Love the people around you; 1) Love your employees, and 2) Love your customers; and 1) Love your clients, and 2) Love your work.  

The funniest response I received was from someone saying 1) Love your attorney, and 2) Love your accountant.  

In the end, many of the answers from other people focused on the same things. Caring about people (including employees, clients, vendors, etc.) was the most common response.  Genuine care for people is the backbone of any business. Ironically, one of the first things that happen when small business owners get stressed is that they do not have time for people, they become frustrated with people, and/or they do not have time to properly communicate with them. This leads to the short-term or even long-term failure of a company. 

As stated above, the second great commandment for me is the love of processes. Without healthy processes that create consistency and ensure the quality of the service or product that a business offers, a business loses its ability to focus on the people and gets mired down in operational issues. These operational issues usually become huge points of frustration and can create financial losses, friction among team members, and loss of clients. 

What are your two great commandments for a business?  

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