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Scroll Commandments For Your Business

The Two Great Commandments For Your Business

When you start a business, you have clarity about what you want to offer to people and how your business...
Gavel And Money

Growing Your Arizona Business: Five Tips to Securing Financing

Growing a business is exciting, but it can be overwhelming. Here are five tips about securing financing for your business....

President Biden’s Executive Order on Competition

President Biden issued an Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy. Here is how initiatives should impact our...

Is My Arizona Worker an Employee or an Independent Contractor?

Misclassification of a worker is a serious legal matter that can result in fines and penalties, as well as payment...

3 Tips for Handling Vax Mandates Following Pfizer’s FDA Win

Experts say employers that want to require vaccines without getting hit with discrimination claims should bear a few tips in...
Lawyer Handling Legal Papers

How To Start a Business in Arizona

Starting a business can be an exciting time, but there are also challenges and stresses involved in getting your business...

Can My Employer Require Me to Get Vaccinated Against Covid-19?

Many people are asking, “Can my employer require me to get vaccinated against COVID-19?” The short answer, in most cases,...
Lawyer Handshake

Five Myths About Business Partnerships – Arizona

A partnership is one of the most common types of business structures. It can be a good fit for many...
Lawyer Writing With Pen

Myths About Trademarks and Copyrights

There are several myths surrounding trademarks and copyrights that every business owner should be aware of....
Signing Legal Contract

Frequently Asked Questions About Litigation

We do understand that most people don’t have a “regular” lawyer like they have a doctor. The first qualification is...
Judge Gavel On Table

Admission Pro Hac Vice In Arizona

If the lawsuit will be filed in Arizona state court, Arizona Supreme Court Rule 39, Pro Hac Vice, governs this...
Lawyer Pointing To Contract

5 Myths About Selling a Business

Selling a business isn’t easy, especially if you want to get top dollar. There are right and wrong ways to...
Lawyer And Client Shaking Hands

Arizona Corporate Governance Audits

Every company must ensure that it follows federal and state laws regarding corporate governance issues—that is, how the company is...
Lawyer Hand Out Contract Signing

5 Myths About Starting a Business (Arizona)

In this first installment of our “myths” series, we dispel five of these misconceptions to make the idea of starting...
Lawyer Handshake

Suing An Employee for Misconduct: A Prudent Thing to Do?

Employee misconduct doesn’t always necessitate a lawsuit against the employee, but sometimes you have to protect the business and make...
Signing Legal Contract

A Serious Partnership Breach In Arizona: Should You Litigate?

In most cases, problems in a partnership don’t rise to the level of requiring litigation. But when they do, it’s...

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