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Employer Pay Obligations In Arizona

The Fair Labor Standards Act and Arizona law establish minimum wage standards, overtime pay provisions, child labor protections, and record...
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Understanding Wrongful Terminations and Medical Marijuana Act – Arizona

Arizona also has laws pertaining to medicinal and recreational marijuana. Under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, Arizona employers may not...
Signing Personal Guarantee Legal Document

What Happens If You Signed a Personal Guarantee and Can’t Pay In Arizona?

Although there is nothing inherently wrong with signing a personal guarantee, realize that it is an enforceable legal document. As...
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What Happens If You Don’t Create an LLC When You Start Your Business?

Although a sole proprietorship is the cheapest and simplest form of business structure to set up, that is its only...
Contract Review Documents

What Happens If You Don’t Review Arizona Business Contracts Annually?

Your Arizona business should review all of its business contracts at least annually for several reasons included in this post....
Reviewing Employment Contract

What Happens If You Don’t Review Your Arizona Employment Contracts Annually?

Although many Arizona businesses do require their employees to sign employment contracts, these are often placed in personnel files and...
Trademark Law

Six Tips for Creating a Unique and Distinctive Arizona Business Trademark

Deciding on a trademark is one of the most important decisions your business will make. A strong, unique trademark can...
Partnership Handshake

What Happens If You Don’t Have a Partnership Agreement In Arizona?

If you have a partnership in Arizona it is strongly recommended that you have a partnership agreement....
Worker Safety

Biden’s Executive Order on Protecting Worker Health and Safety

Declaring that the health and safety of workers is a “national priority and moral imperative,” a new executive order by...
Lawyer With Hand Up

What Happens If You Don’t Have a Registered Statutory Agent In Arizona?

Every LLC and corporation in Arizona must designate a registered statutory agent to receive legal documents and other official papers...
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Understanding The EEOC Conciliation Process

On January 11th, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) published an update to its policy which will govern the implementation...
Judge With Gavel

What Is a Motion In Limine and What Does It Do?

One of a judge’s jobs is to determine which evidence should be admitted at trial and which should be excluded....
Non-Compete Agreement Pen

Understanding Arizona Non-Compete Waivers

How to manage non-compete enforcement and whether or not to waive them all together are issues that many employers find...
Lawyer With Client Both With Pens

What Happens If…You Don’t Have an Employee Handbook in Arizona?

If your company doesn’t have an employee handbook, you may be wondering if you even need one at all....
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Litigation: What It Is and How to Prepare in Arizona

Litigation is a way to solve legal disputes through the court system that involves a trial. There are two basic...
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What Is a Deposition and How Should I Prepare in Arizona?

A deposition is a common form of discovery, which is a process for gathering relevant information prior to trial....

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