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Franchise Disputes: When to Arbitrate or Litigate

We’ve developed a hypothetical case study to help you understand when it may be in your best interest to move...
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Breach of Contract: Should Litigation Be In Your Future?

Have you ever been in a situation where someone has not honored their contract with you? It’s important to understand...
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Supreme Court Rules for Google In Long-Standing Copyright Dispute

All companies should understand the fair use exception to the exclusive rights held by the copyright owner so that they...
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Arizona Employee Terminations: Let Us Help You Protect Yourself

As expert employment lawyers, Copper Canyon Law can help you protect your business during those unsettling times when you must...
Gavel Medical Employees

Terminating a Medical Professional In Your Employ

What if your business is a hospital, clinic, or another type of company that employs doctors, nurses, or other medical...
Employee Contract Signing

When to Sue an Employee Under an Employment Agreement

In most cases, it’s a good business practice to have your employees sign an employment agreement before they start work...
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Managing and Preventing Employee Theft In Arizona

It is important that business owners understand how to spot the signs, investigate, and protect themselves before, during, and after...
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Can an Employee Be Terminated Amicably In Arizona?

There are ways to discharge an employee while minimizing hurt feelings, the risk of litigation, or other unfortunate outcomes....
Disability Law Consultation

Disability Discrimination & Accommodation Requirements For Employers

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, discrimination in the workplace based on a person’s disability or medical condition is prohibited....
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How to Avoid Discrimination and Retaliation Lawsuits

As an employer, there are several steps you can take to help minimize the chance of an ADA lawsuit by...
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What Is At-Will Employment and How Does It Affect Non-Competes?

Though at-will employment is the predominant employment status throughout the United States, the concept of at-will employment remains one of...
Copyright Law Folder

Guide to Licensing Your Business’ Copyrighted Work

Before engaging in a licensing agreement, as a creator, you must make sure your work is properly registered copyrighted to...
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OSHA Launches Program to Protect High-Risk Workers from Coronavirus

In light of a new national emphasis program (NEP), businesses should review their procedures to ensure they comply with OSHA...
Netflix TV Remote

Netflix Rolls Out New Feature to Protect Against Password Sharing

Protecting intellectual property and licensing is not just the concern of large companies like Netflix. Small business owners need to...
Lawyer Franchise Dispute

The Bachelor Shows the Importance of a Good Franchise Dispute Lawyer – Arizona

If you have a franchise dispute, you need a good lawyer. That’s one takeaway from the latest disagreement surrounding ABC’s...
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Arizona Small Business Financial Relief Options With SBA

While the Small Business Administration is currently offering the very popular Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans until March 31, 2021,...

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