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Employment Law Book Near Gavel And Glasses

How and Why to Use Independent Contractor Agreements

Employment agreements are useful in many types of employment relationships for a variety of reasons....
Trademark Law Stamp

Filing for a Trademark or Trade Name in Arizona

Although you are not legally required to file for a trademark or trade name in Arizona, there are several good...
Lawyer Pointing at Document

The EEOC and Temporary Employees: What Employers Need to Know

In recent months, the EEOC has investigated several claims of discrimination, harassment, and failure to accommodate from temporary employees. We...
Copyright Gavel

Filing for a Copyright

Although filing for a copyright is not necessary to receive copyright protection, there are several advantages of doing so....
Non-Compete Agreement With Pen and Glasses

Keys to Enforcement of Your Non-Compete

In a recent Arizona Court of Appeals case, the court found that, while the agreement was enforceable, the Plaintiff failed...
Lawyer Shaking Client Hand

Top Five Things to Look for With the Arizona Limited Liability Company Act

Those who are thinking about forming an LLC and members of existing LLCs should pay careful attention to the law’s...
Business Partner Dispute

Understanding Partnership Disputes – Arizona

Unfortunately, though most partnerships start off smoothly, disputes can eventually arise in these situations. There are various types of partnership...
Lawyer Reviewing Contract

Top 8 Reasons An Operating Agreement Is Important For Small Business Owners

Failing to have an operating agreement can jeopardize your business, personal assets, and working relationships....
Man Holding Confidentiality Agreement Clipboard

Non-Disclosure Agreements in Arizona

The purpose of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), otherwise known as a confidentiality agreement, is to prevent an employee from misappropriating...
Lawyer Signing Documents At Desk

The Necessity and Enforceability of Non-Compete Agreements

In this current age of technology and highly-proprietary information, many employers are requiring that many senior level employees, and in...
Lawyer Writing At Desk

Why Your Small Business Needs an Operating Agreement

Without an operating agreement, disputes will be significantly harder to resolve, as there will be no set of agreed-upon rules...
Business Handshake Deal

Selling Your Business to a Family Member – What NOT to Do

We help a lot of people with buying and selling their businesses. We love being a part of this exciting...
Gavel On Top Of Money

Collecting on Judgments in Arizona

It is important to seek the right help when trying to collect on a judgment, as debtors can be frustrating....
Lawyer At Desk With Palms Up

What Do I Do When My Business Gets Sued in Arizona

Getting sued is usually the last thing that small to medium-sized business owners want to deal with. However, it happens,...
Person Handing Over Keys

Buying a Business from a Family Member – What NOT to Do

Here are some common pitfalls that people fall into when buying a business from a family member....
Lawyer Pointing At Document

How Do I Set Up My Business in Arizona?

Setting up a business can be exciting and confusing at the same time. It usually starts with a great idea...

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